The CrunchDAO Machine Learning Competition

raheem nasirudeen
2 min readFeb 23, 2023
Crunch dao

Did you know that as a beginner or expert data scientist, you can fit a machine learning model and earn a double reward by having your model deployed to a real-world financial dataset and receiving a daily reward for your contribution? I want to present CrunchDAO as a platform for these benefits.

What is CrunchDAO?

CrunchDAO is a data science competition platform for data scientists to learn, improve their modeling skills, and earn on a weekend basis. They run a series of datasets made of financial datasets.

The CrunchDAO is a group of engineers, finance geeks, former Wall Street analysts, and finance teachers interested in modern economics’ underlying dynamics.

CrunchDAO is a research team leveraging the power of collective intelligence and Web3 to produce next-generation financial predictions.

You will be asked to build machine-learning models on the DAO's datasets as a participant.

Members are remunerated in $CRUNCH according to the correlation of their predictions with the stock market over the following 90 days.

The CrunchDAO's customers are paying the DAO for its financial forecasts.

The data crunchers are paid based on how well their model performs on live datasets on a daily basis.

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Why should you join CrunchDAO?

CrunchDAO organizes a hackathon every week. A newround one starts every week at Friday at 18:00 UTC and new tournament data is released. To participate in the round, you must submit your prediction file by the deadline on Tuesday 9:00 UTC.

CrunchaDAO is less time-consuming for making a submission because every week a new starter notebook is provided by the organizer, which makes submission super easy.

CrunchDAO offers a daily payout on your submission, which is accumulated for a monthly payout through a crunch token. You can read more about the payout here:

The following are some of the advantages of joining CrunchDAO:

  1. CrunchDAO is an exclusive community
  2. They want to know every member through onboarding session
  3. The Payouts will increase over time.

The goal of CrunchDAO is to have a few hundred people who can live permanently on the DAO. It is becoming more difficult to enter the competition with a 25% acceptance rate, which will decrease to 5% in the coming months.

About Competition

The competition helps practice good predictive modeling skills on time-series data for the financial market. The data set has already been discretized (transformed) for the rows with columns. We are predicting 3 different target variables (r, g, and b), and the prediction will be evaluated using the Spearman correlation ratio.

How to join CrunchDAO and the next onboarding session

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